I got an Oyster ‘n’ a dream

Beach. San Diego, CALet me set the sceneIt’s a Wednesday, 7:23am. The Victoria line tube I’m on jerks to a halt – I’m now stuck in a tunnel somewhere between Tottenham Hale and Seven Sisters. This is common but still, “What the fuck!”*.

As The Lady will proclaim to anyone who’ll listen, patience is not something I was blessed with. Nor do I want it; patience is just laziness in formal attire. But I digress.

So as not be mistakenly diagnosed with turrets by fellow commuters, I have taken to losing myself in fond memories and dreams of things to come. Thus distracting myself from underground traffic jams, passenger alarms and general TfL tomfoolery.

Some of the places I’ve journeyed to this week:

  • Mauritius; best holiday, to date!
  • Miami, FL; another holiday to remember. Slush Puppie style cocktails at Wet Willies, overlooking South Beach!
  • An NYC rooftop; Where else would you want to be when trapped underground? As high up as possible, obviously. No amount of countryside compares to the skyline view of a concrete jungle!
  • A City of London rooftop; see above.
  • Sunday dinner at my (for now) fictitious lavish family home; picture the Cosby’s but with a lot more swearing and less embarrassing knitwear.
  • Spirit of London awards ceremony; been a guest of a nominee once. Some of London’s most awesome residents in attendance. Want my next invite to be as a nominee 🙂 🙂

Where would you rather be right now?

Time for me to go and do some work – so I can afford that fictitious family home some time soon! Alight here.

*Sorry for use of the f-word but I’m a grown man. I do not abbreviate words when I speak.


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