Poems on the Underground

London Bridge at night.

As it’s World poetry Day thought I’d see what the TfL archives had to offer. There are LOADS. So, being the very busy man that I am, I stopped at the first title in the list that mentioned London 🙂

from ‘To the City of London’ 

Above all rivers they river hath renown,
Whose beryl streames, pleasant and preclare,
Under thy lusty walles runneth down;
Where many a swan doth swim with winges fair,
Where m
any a barge doth sail, and row with oar,
Where many a ship doth rest with top-royal.
O town of townes, patron and not compare,
London, thou art the flower of Cities all.– William Dunbar (1465? – 1530?)

View this poem on the TfL website or visit the Poems on the Underground archive for the full list of poems.


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